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Aktualisieren BBC News - World  24.02.2020 03:55:40

BBC News - World

24.02.2020 03:38:25

Coronavirus: Rapid spread raises fears of global pandemic

More infections are reported around the world as governments struggle to contain outbreaks.

24.02.2020 03:24:47

Togo's Faure Gnassingbé 'wins re-election' amid fraud protest

Preliminary results from the electoral commission show Faure Gnassingbé received 72% of the vote.

24.02.2020 02:58:12

Donald Trump in India: US president invokes cricket and Bollywood at India rally

The US president's visit is expected to focus on ties between the world's two largest democracies.

24.02.2020 02:37:39

Coronavirus: Drone captures massive queue for masks in South Korea

Hundreds queued at a supermarket in Daegu, one of the South Korean epicentres of the virus outbreak.

24.02.2020 01:57:56

Syria conflict: Inside the final rebel stronghold

Millions of people who have long opposed the Syrian regime are trapped at the border with Turkey.

24.02.2020 01:49:38

Mahathir Mohamad: Malaysian prime minister in shock resignation

The 94-year-old's surprise move comes amid rumours that he may form a new coalition.

23.02.2020 22:27:58

Komla Dumor Award 2020: Seeking a rising star of African journalism

BBC seeks future star of African journalism for the BBC World News Komla Dumor Award 2020.

23.02.2020 22:27:05

Hunters: Jewish groups criticise Holocaust portrayal in Amazon show

The drama series draws ire for a gruesome and fictitious human chess scene at Auschwitz.

23.02.2020 22:06:45

Coronavirus credit crunch hits millions of Chinese firms

Prolonged shutdowns for businesses in China are bringing many firms to the brink of collapse.

23.02.2020 20:26:17

Israel says it struck Islamic Jihad sites in Gaza and Syria

The Israeli military says it launched the air strikes in response to rocket fire from Gaza.

23.02.2020 20:06:25

Canary Islands sandstorm: Flights disrupted as dust cloud strands tourists

Flights to and from the Spanish islands have been disrupted, leaving tourists stranded at airports.

23.02.2020 18:15:00

What Donald Trump gets out of his trip to India

The US president's first official trip to the world's largest democracy will be a photo-op and a half.

23.02.2020 18:05:51

How Africa hopes to gain from the 'new scramble'

The continent's leaders have been globe-trotting to attend Africa-themed summits, but do they have a plan?

23.02.2020 18:05:10

Earth Harp: The man behind the unique instruments 'epic' sound

The inventor of the world's longest string instrument explains its unique and majestic sound.

23.02.2020 18:00:48

Kobe Bryant: How a basketball legend inspired young players

Three young basketballers from different corners of the world tell us how important Kobe Bryant was to them.

23.02.2020 16:52:56

Hamburg election: Merkel party 'slumps as Greens surge'

The CDU suffers its worst-ever poll result in the city state, as the left consolidates power.

23.02.2020 12:55:39

Canary Island sandstorm: Flights cancelled due to Saharan sand

Passengers have been left stranded after a strong sandstorm caused poor visibility.

23.02.2020 11:24:36

Coronavirus: Italy imposes lockdown to tackle new outbreak

About 50,000 people cannot enter or leave several towns in northern Italy without permission.

23.02.2020 08:51:13

Tyson Fury: 'Maverick Fury can do no wrong but Anthony Joshua fight will seal immortality'

After his seventh-round defeat of Deontay Wilder, a unique place in sporting history awaits Tyson Fury if he secures a unification fight against Anthony Joshua.

23.02.2020 06:15:36

Coronavirus: Mass masked wedding in the Philippines

The annual event saw added coronavirus precautions as more than 200 couples tied the knot.

23.02.2020 04:34:55

How lake gases are powering homes in Rwanda

Methane is being extracted from Lake Kivu in Rwanda to generate electricity.

22.02.2020 18:38:28

Amani Festival: The DR Congo music festival celebrating life

Organisers of the Amani Festival want to show a different side of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

22.02.2020 18:17:39

What will Trump's visit do for US-India ties?

This visit is a genuine opportunity to explore how the two countries can shape the 21st Century.

22.02.2020 18:09:48

Dubs or subs? Parasite renews debate on how to watch foreign films

Subtitles are the film connoisseur's choice - but Netflix is sounding the dub-a-dub-dub for dubbing.

22.02.2020 18:07:02

We will 'fight to the death' to save the Amazon rainforest

Teenagers from the Amazon rainforest speak about their hopes for the future.

22.02.2020 18:05:53

Dead within three hours of arrival at a Russian prison

Despite claims that Russian prisons are cleaning up their act, inmates and their families tell a different story.

20.02.2020 17:01:25

The complicated truth behind Trump’s ‘American comeback'

President Trump hailed the "great American comeback", so why are working families still struggling?

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