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Aktualisieren BBC News - World  19.09.2019 22:03:20

BBC News - World

19.09.2019 21:45:04

The man who stopped a mega-dam and saved Borneo's rainforest

Peter Kallang has been awarded a top environmental prize for leading a successful campaign to stop a mega-dam being built in Borneo's rainforest.

19.09.2019 19:37:30

Australian brothers guilty of IS plane bomb plot

The pair tried to blow up an Eithad flight with a bomb hidden inside a meat grinder, a court finds.

19.09.2019 19:22:09

Muslim men blame racial profiling for flight cancellation

American Airlines say they stopped the flight over "concerns raised by a crew member and a passenger".

19.09.2019 18:28:55

Cut air pollution to fight climate change - UN

The global effort to tackle emissions will be debated at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York.

19.09.2019 18:24:18

Climate change: Arctic expedition to drift in sea-ice for a year

Germany will embed its Polarstern research ship in sea-ice for a year-long study of the climate.

19.09.2019 17:25:34

Why would Iran raise the stakes by attacking Saudi Arabia?

Iran's leaders may have hoped to persuade the US to lift its crippling sanctions, says Kasra Naji.

19.09.2019 17:15:07

Why Greeks question this role model's credentials

Eleni Antoniadou has been feted for her scientific work but her rise is the focus of intense scrutiny.

19.09.2019 16:28:03

US expels two Cuban diplomats to the UN in New York

A State Department spokeswoman says the two engaged in "activities harmful to US national security".

19.09.2019 16:26:37

What is Area 51 and what goes on there?

The secret Nevada base, known as Area 51, is often the subject of alien conspiracy theories.

19.09.2019 16:25:49

Los Angeles: Why tens of thousands of people sleep rough

It is not only glitz and glamour in Los Angeles, which has a big homelessness problem. How has it happened?

19.09.2019 16:21:02

Donald Trump hosts Australia PM at the White House

Australian PM Scott Morrison is only the second leader to receive a state dinner under President Trump.

19.09.2019 16:17:56

Peter Magombeyi: Zimbabwe union leader found after 'abduction'

Doctors protested after Peter Magombeyi went missing, but he is reportedly alive and well.

19.09.2019 15:50:35

How damaging is blackface scandal to Trudeau?

The prime minister's racism mea culpa deals a heavy blow to his carefully cultivated political brand.

19.09.2019 15:48:18

Canada's Justin Trudeau cannot say how often he wore blackface

Canada's PM Justin Trudeau is dogged by revelations he wore blackface as he fights for a further term.

19.09.2019 15:48:17

Cartels, kidnap and torture on the US border

Families are being preyed on by Mexican cartels as they wait to cross the US border.

19.09.2019 15:40:27

Football Leaks: Suspected hacker charged in Portugal

Rui Pinto is accused of illegally publishing confidential files belonging to leading football clubs.

19.09.2019 13:47:17

Trump denies promise that led to formal complaint from US spy

US media report that his comments to an unnamed foreign leader sparked a formal complaint.

19.09.2019 12:06:11

US and Canada lose 3bn birds in 50 years

Scientists conclude the major factor is habitat loss driven by human activity.

19.09.2019 10:13:16

Denisovans: Face of long-lost human relative unveiled

The reconstructions offer the first glimpse of what the Denisovan looked like.

19.09.2019 06:58:29

Afghanistan conflict: The young face of a brutal war

The BBC spent a month in one of Afghanistan's busiest hospitals in the southern city of Kandahar.

19.09.2019 00:18:12

The Kashmiris detained more than 700km away from home

More than 80 people from the region are being held at a jail in northern India.

18.09.2019 19:59:40

Huge explosion at Turkish chemical factory

A blast propelled a metal tank into the air during a fire at a facility in Istanbul.

18.09.2019 17:13:55

Five years with turbulent Turkey's 'militant people'

Turkey's recent history has been an extraordinary and violent drama, the BBC's Mark Lowen writes.

17.09.2019 06:23:52

Sarah Thomas: Woman first to swim Channel four times non-stop

Sarah Thomas began the challenge on Sunday and finished after more than 54 hours.

17.09.2019 01:49:38

Does fat shaming help people lose weight?

Fat chance - the evidence says fat shaming is more likely to lead people to put on weight.

16.09.2019 18:27:45

World's biggest amphibian 'discovered' in museum

DNA from historical museum specimens may help save the giant salamander from extinction in the wild.

16.09.2019 18:21:36

Prostate drug may slow Parkinson's disease

A medicine for enlarged prostates may benefit brain cells damaged by Parkinson's, scientists find.

16.09.2019 12:24:30

Saudi oil attacks: Why does the US hide oil underground?

More than 640 million barrels of oil are currently sitting in caves under Texas and Louisiana. Why?

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